Facial Recognition and Thermal Scanning

During these difficult times it is becoming much more important to screen who is entering your premises. Newton Electrical Systems are committed to delivering contactless thermal screening and facial recognition access control solutions, to enable premises to be vigilante about who is entering.

The units we install can take a temperature reading of anyone trying to gain access and notify reception if they present themselves to the unit with a high reading. Access will be declined to people with fever symptoms without further screening. It can also enforce the use of face masks, again denying access if people do not comply, although this is a feature that can be disabled.

This technology can also assist in providing a secure environment, working on facial recognition to only allow access to trusted people, without contact. The units can be link to a computer to allow an intercom feature and enable door release from remote locations within the building. They can also monitor time and attendance records.

We can also install facial recognition devices without the thermal screening solution if this is better suited to your premises or as a more cost effective solution.

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We have just supplied this technology to a local Day Nursey in Nottingham. Stepping Stones Day Nursery  this is what they have to say about this technology:

We used to have a fingerprint entry system into the nursery, however, with coronavirus, and undoubtedly in the future a greater focus on hand hygiene, obviously everyone touching the same entry point is simply not be viable anymore.

Thank you to Garry Newton for getting us the perfect solution, a great bloke and a great company Newton Electrical Systems Ltd.

We now have a facial thermal recognition camera, allowing touch free entry into the nursery.

If anyone tries to enter the nursery with a high temperature, the door will not open and an alarm sounds, allowing us to protect the children, parents and staff from any sort of virus where the carrier displays a high temperature as a symptom.